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My name is Caroline Banks and I’m a qualified Personal Trainer and Yoga Teacher. 


I founded Kura Zana after a love affair with India took me to the mountains of Dharmsala to study yoga with Mahinder Prasad of Mahi Power Yoga. I found his teaching inspirational but also practical, and and I realised at first hand how much personal development can be fostered by methods which deepen the connection between mind and body.


I base my practice on the Sanskrit terms, ‘Kura’, meaning ‘Fierce’, and ‘Zana’, meaning ‘Calm’, and offer a synthesis of yoga and modern fitness science to create a holistic and modern approach to physical wellbeing.


I have put together a variety of packages combining yoga and personal fitness training. They can all be tailored to your personal needs, my aim is to help clients release their restrictions of mind and body, and build on their personal strengths to achieve their individual goals.

Fierce body | Calm mind


Brighton & Hove

Group and One to One Yoga sessions arranged virtually on Zoom or anywhere in Brighton & Hove: your garden, boat, home, the beach, or your place of work

Image by Rhys Kentish